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Logistics Abbreviations

The shipping industry is a vast network if constant movement of freight. Goods which are essential to all our needs and wants are transported throughout North America and the world on a daily basis. Companies looking to move their freight are faced with a long list of decisions for the movement of their freight. Understanding all the different logistics abbreviations can make those decisions a little easier. Below are some of the different types of logistics providers.

1PL First party logistics providers are single service providers. They only work in a specific geographic area and specialize in certain goods or shipping methods

2PL Second party logistics providers utilize their specialized logistics services in a larger geographical area than the 1PL, usually nationally.

3PL – Stands for Third Party Logistics. TPL is another way of abbreviating third party logistics. There are a few types of 3PLs which offer certain ranges of service to their customers. They go by various names such as Provider, Service Developer, Customer Adapter, and Customer Developer. The most significant difference between a second party logistics provider and a third party logistics provider is the fact that a 3PL provider is always integrated in the customs system.

4PL – Fourth Party Logistics do not own any transport assets or have warehouse capacity. The idea was developed by Accenture Firms in the 1970s. They basically assist with increasing the efficiency of a supply chain. They choose the 3PL which will be most suitable for the logistical needs of the customer.

5PL offer supply chain management and services to their customers.

Freight brokers, like Road King Freight Logistics are closer to freight forwarders and not 3PL. They are able to move your freight using their own proven network of carriers. Freight shipping through Road King Freight Logistics is secure, timely and not limited by load size.

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