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Shipping to US Destinations

Cross border shipping to US destinations has been picking up over the past year as many US companies are discovering the benefit of the low loonie. Bringing goods into the country from Canada can be a money saving decision.

The current low Canadian dollar is a great benefit for both US and Canadian companies looking to ship goods into the US. Companies that would like to import their goods from Canada will see the most cost effective benefit in the current market.

When shipping cross border, another benefit in getting your goods to their US destinations on time and safe is having a knowledgeable freight broker to take care of all the details. An experience broker will save your company hundreds, if not thousands of dollar at the border. Customs paperwork can be confusing, and if not filled out properly, can cause delays or even cause companies to be fined and have freight confiscated.

Road King Freight Logistics is experienced in the process of cross border shipping to many US destinations. Whether it is from Brampton to Detroit, Windsor to Miami, Winnipeg to Kansas City, or Vancouver to Dallas, Road King Freight Logistics will ensure your load makes it to its destination without any issues at the border.

With almost two decades in the freight brokering business, Road Kind Freight Logistics will be able to coordinate the entire trip of your shipment into the US saving you the headache and worry. Your business is important and your products are treated with the same importance.

On average, companies will save a few hundred dollars per shipment. Spending smartly is the key, especially when trying to keep overhead low. If you would like to discuss rates, or learn more about shipping from Canada to the US, contact Road King Freight Logistics today!