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RoadKing Freight Logistics step deck transportation services

Looking for trucking services that cannot be handled by a simple flatbed? Don’t worry, RoadKing Logistics can ship your over height shipments with our fleet of step decks.

At RoadKing Logistics we are the trusted stepdeck trucking carrier in USA, dedicated to securely transporting your shipments across the nation. Stepdeck trucking USA is an ideal freight transportation solution for hauling large equipment and over height freight.

We are your reliable solution for heavy cargo that exceeds the height requirements of standard flatbed trailers. Stepdecking is frequently used for transporting tubing, piping, fabricated steel assemblies, scaffolding, construction equipment and heavy machinery. Furthermore, it is a cost-effective logistics option for long haul freight demands.

We provide expert services with extreme care and secure delivery of your freight. Our highly professional services are the reason we are considered the best among all stepdeck trucking companies in USA. You can completely rely on our cost-effective logistical services for transportation of your cargos whether you’re an equipment manufacturer or a contractor that relies on stepdeck trucking for transporting bulky supplies.

Benefits of hiring us:

We offer quality shipping at a fair price, our partners are experts in step deck shipping. You can always count on your cargo arriving at its final destination damage free and on schedule.

We take special care of your freight by protecting it from any environmental damage by always tarping your cargo.

Our experienced team can always advise you on maximum height and weight requirements allowed on our roadways so you can always have confidence your freight is always being moved in the most cost effective manner.

Our highest priorities are timely and safe delivery of your products.

We always maintain communication with our customers so that they can track their shipment from anywhere, anytime.

Contact us for any job – big or small. You can also contact us at our toll free number @

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