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Montreal Trucking Company

Move heavy furniture when moving to a new home, or if you are getting ready to move to a new office, and need heavy equipment transported.

We have the right trucking companies that will get the items to the new destination in the shortest period of time, we will also provide you with guarantees for the quality of our work, and insurance on the transporting of goods that is being completed for you.

Montreal Freight Transport is the ideal Solution!

Shipping materials, furniture, or packages are all freight services offered; as a customer, we know who to hire for your job.

When deciding on your shipping provider:

  • Whether it is a local or long distance job that has to be delivered
  • How much weight is being delivered and what kind of items are being transported.
  • How soon do the items have to reach the final destination?
  • Does the customer want insurance on the transportation of the items?

So, as a customer, it does not matter what you need transported, we will help you find the best crew for the job, and an affordable price.

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