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Intermodal Freight Services: Choose the low cost Alternative to Trucking

With Road King’s many years of experience in coordinating intermodal services, we have earned the reputation as Rail Shipping experts. The intermodal operations stretch from all over the USA to across Canada making long distance transportation more cost effective. Regardless of your freight we can supply flat rail cars or intermodal containers.

Intermodal Trucking Companies: Rail Transportation in Canada & United States:

Rail Transportation in Canada and the United States are very different. In Canada, all of the shipping containers are owned by the railway: which are CN and CP. While in the United States, most shipping containers are owned by private companies that have intermodal shipping contracts with the railway. Unless you have plenty of experience in intermodal shipping, it can get very complicated. At Road King, we can find the best intermodal transportation & best transportation logistics solution for your needs at a price cheaper than most.

Advantages of Shipping Intermodal with Road King:

* Coordinating the freight which equates to quicker transit times.
* Satellite tracking that monitors the location of the freight at all times.
* With our vast network or intermodal trucking companies partners, your shipments will be smooth and hassle free.
* With our negotiating power with the railway, you can be assured that you are getting the best price.
* Handling and streamlining of all documents to ensure there are no costly delays.

At Road King Logistics, your intermodal service will be the best in the business. We have the experience to ship your freight in the most cost effective manner saving you time and money. We are a highly respected intermodal shipping company and look forward to helping you with your next move. Call us today at 800-507-1669 between 8 am and 8 pm, Central Time. You can also¬†contact us via e-mail or even send direct inquiries to [email protected]

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