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The internet is full of some interesting tidbits on freight, shipping and the trucking industry as a whole. It is a vast industry and the following facts put it into a perspective almost incomprehensible.

– half of all truck drivers spend more than 200 nights of the year out on the road.

-the trucking industry is responsible for the transportation of 9.4 billion tons of freight

-predictions are that in the next four years, truckload volumes will grow by 3.2% annually

-the trucking industry logs an estimated 432,9 billion miles in a year – enough to circle the world 17 million times!

-the trucking industry uses 52,300,000,000 gallons of diesel fuel per year

-if all 15.5 million U.S. commercial trucks line up end to end, they will cover the distance to the Moon – some 240,000 miles!

– the annual value of shipped goods is a staggering $139,463,000,000.

-in Canada alone, the trucking industry is worth over $65 billion with more than 260,000 drivers and over 400,000 employees overall.

-90 percent of all consumer products and foodstuffs were shipped by truck throughout Canada

-two-thirds of Canada-US trade is moved by truck, including more than 80 percent of all US exports to Canada.

Seeing these facts and numbers can be mindboggling but using the trucking industry to ship goods is one of the best and growing modes of freight shipping in North America. Let Road King Freight logistic help you become part of the growing industry stats. Contact Road King to book your next shipment.

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