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Hazardous Materials Shipping Service

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Hazardous Material Trucking

Road King Freight Logistic is one of the leading companies that offer shipping services of hazardous materials. With our years of developing a safe and solid network we can provide you with successful solutions for handling your hazardous materials. Road King is a professional company with the rigorous standards needed for hazmat shipping credentials.

More importantly, Road King also has the experience. You can be confident that your hazardous material shipments will be in full compliance with all Canadian and US federal hazmat transport regulations.

Road King is in constant compliance with the federal transportation guidelines, ensuring a hassle free shipment. Road King always handles the materials in a safe and compliant manner.

Working with HAZMAT parameters defined by Road King Freight:

* Knowledge base of loading and unloading hazardous materials.
* Takes on the complete burden of transporting hazardous materials in a hassle free manner to the asked destination.
* Taking total responsibility for the goods and maintaining safety while transporting/shipping hazardous materials.

In addition, all of the drivers are acknowledged with commercial driver licenses and are also endorsed for shipping hazardous materials throughout USA and Canada.

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Hazmat Shipping across Canada and the USA


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