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Freight brokers play an important role in the process of getting your LTL freight (less than load) to its destination in a timely and affordable manner

Freight brokers ensure the precise coordination of all the shipping needs of the client are met. A freight broker can match your LTL freight with reliable carriers who will transport your goods safely and promptly.

Like other types of brokers, freight brokers work hard to get the best rates for both shipper and carrier. This takes an experienced negotiator with a knowledge of carrier rates. Some freight brokers are able to negotiate customs brokerage for clients when needing cross border shipping.

Freight brokers also keep on top of the game by regularly tracking all freight, inbound and outbound, from pick up to delivery. This tracking also includes records of all the dimensions and weight of the freight being shipped.

Finding adequate transport of your LTL freight is an important part of doing g business. The right freight broker for your business is one with experience and abilities that suit your needs and with give you peace ofind as well as saving you time and money

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